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Pup Pillow Dog Bed

PupPillow® dog bed hugs your pet, helping them feel safe and secure. With a luxury, soft fleece bumper ideal for dog's to rest their head or paws on after a hard day!

Cosiness that protects

Pet Protector

Only the best for your dog...and also your sofa! Protect your sofa, floors and car seats with this luxury waterproof dog blanket / cover. Super stylish and modern to blend into your home decor, as well as being soft and cosy for your puppy or dog to rest up on.

Stylish Dog Bed


Moulded into shape creating a truly unique, modern looking dog bed that's sure to look good in the home! PetNest® pet bed is made from recycled plastic and felt, meaning a bed which is lightweight, soft yet durable...ideal for dogs who love to chew and owners who want a more robust dog bed that will stand the test of time!

always by your side

petNest bedside

The UK's first bedside dog bed! Brought to you by the co-creator of the best-selling baby crib, SnüzPod. PetNest with bedside stand securely attaches next to your bed, giving your puppy or dog the best of both worlds by being close to you, whilst also having the comfort of their very own sleeping space.

Elevated Sleep

PetNest Raised

PetNest combined with our Raised Stand, raised the level of your dog's sleep...quite literally! Ideal for keeping them raised up away from draughty floors, whilst giving them the best cosy support they deserve.

Our Story

From Babies to pets

"Having previously co-founded baby brand Snüz and being a 'pawrent' myself to Woody & Monty, I instantly saw the synergy between babies and pets!"

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