Each PupPillow comes with a removable fleece cover, machine washable at 40 degrees. After washing, the quick-drying fleece air drys in no time, limiting how long your pet is without their bed.

Remove Cover & Wash

Start by turning over your PupPillow, and unzipping the base to remove the filling. Do the same with the outer bumper.

Reattaching the cover

In order to make the fleece bumper nice and supportive, the cover and base for the PupPillow needs to be a tight fit. To help, we’ve put together a few pointers that we hope will make putting your cover back on the PupPillow a little easier.

Place cover fleece side down, & overlay bumper filling

Place the cover fleece side down, so you see the non-slip side. Get the bumper filling and place it within the shape of the cover, ensuring that the bumper filling zip is facing up like this...

Connect the zip and slowly zip around

Pull the fleece and non-slip material together and connect the zip. Slowly zip around the corner, pulling together the material as you go.

Zip all the way around

Continue to slowly zip around the bumper, pulling together the fleece and non-slip material as you go. You may need to push some of the filling inside as you zip.

Insert the middle pillow

Lastly, simply insert the middle pillow. Manipulate the pillow to ensure a nice even distribution of cushion, pushing it into the corners. Finally zip closed and admire your nice clean dog bed!

Protect your Pup Pillow

If you don't already, using a waterproof PetProtector blanket over the top of your PupPillow can help keep it clean and dry, reducing the frequency of washing.

PetProtector Waterproof Pet Blanket

  • Buttery soft Sherpa fleece
  • Hidden waterproof layer (ISO 811 certified)
  • For sofas, beds, crates, car seats & floors
  • Machine wash & tumble dry
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